Monday 15 July 2013

Haedyn's Choice Review

hc  Haedyn's Choice by Jennifer L. Oliver


The demon Azazel knows an opportunity when he sees one. That's why he took the Unnamed abomination, Haedyn, under his wing and honed her skills. Now she's a predator, like him, but far more dangerous because she holds the potential to wield great power. The kind that humans and supernatural creatures alike will bow down to worship. The kind that will let him create his army of evil-born souls without challenge. And when the full moon rises and a human's rare blood is spilled, Haedyn will be the key to unlocking hell on earth.

Former investigative reporter Lexington Carter saw his brother murdered by vampires, but no one would believe him. Now it's his mission to learn everything there is about monsters, how to kill them, and what happens to their victims. But when he's kidnapped by a super-human albino chick who claims she's protecting him, he realizes that not all supernatural creatures are monsters and there might be one that's worth saving.

Haedyn is the last Unnamed and Azazel's personal assassin - his most prized servant. It's not a title she wants, but it keeps her alive and that's all that matters. But when she is tricked into protecting Lex, the same human her master is hunting, she learns of Azazel's terrifying plan to create an army of evil souls - and that Lex isn't the only one slated for sacrifice.

Can Haedyn accept the truth of her past and face the demon who molded her in his image, or will she risk the losing the souls of those she loves?

Lisa's Review - 3.5 out of 5 stars

After finishing Haedyn's Choice, I am still finding it hard to put into words how I felt about the book. The only way I can begin to describe it is as a 'comfortable' read. It wasn't bad, it wasn't the best book I ever read, it was good, kind of in the middle.

I have read a lot of paranormal/fantasy/demon type books, so to have Haedyn, this kick ass albino with powers was quite refreshing in terms of something new. The only problem is I like to be able to fall in love with a main character, even if that character is a badass, you still end up falling for them. I just found it very hard to connect with Haedyn throughout, although maybe in the last few chapters I warmed to her slightly more than the rest of the book. The same went really for the other character, Lex. Although he was just a human that Haedyn was supposed to be protecting, I couldn't find the connection with him to make the book seem better to read.

That said, there were some terrific twists to the plot of the story, and I think those are what kept me turning the pages, those and the action, as there is a lot of action running through the whole book and it is so vividly written you can play the fight scenes out easily in your head as you read.

I was slightly let down at first by the ending, but it is left open for the next book in the series, so I realised it would actually make the start of book 2 more interesting in terms of character development, and I will definitely be giving it a read as I think the ending of book 1 may lead to a way to develop more of a connection, especially to Haedyn, so I look forward to seeing how Haedyn's story develops.


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