Saturday 27 July 2013

Wind Warrior Review

wwWind Warrior (World Aflame #1) by Jon Messenger

 THE EARTH GIVES WAY TO THE SEA, THE SEA BOWS BEFORE THE WIND, THE WIND FEEDS THE FLAME, THE FLAME BURNS THE WORLD OF MAN DOWN TO THE EARTH. The sleepy town of White Halls harbors a dangerous secret. On a picturesque street, two houses down from a lovely little park, in a quaint little home with a wraparound porch, lives a family that seems rather normal. Sure, their twenty-year-old son, Xander, still lives at home, but he’s going to college and dating the leader of the schools top sorority. It’s all very… normal.  However, when a man is miraculously saved from being hit by a bus, Xander’s life turns in to the living embodiment of the tornadoes he can suddenly create with a flick of his wrist. Whether he wants this gift or not, Xander must learn to use his new ‘super power’ quickly if he wants to survive.  For his kind is a dying race, and when this sleepy town has a sudden influx of new, blonde, fire wielders, no one is safe, especially Xander. It doesn’t help that one of these blondes happens to be the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Xander can’t deny the instant connection he feels to her so, when she tries to kill him, it certainly makes things complicated.

Lisa's Review - 3.5 out of 5 stars

Wind Warrior is book 1 in the World Aflame series by Jon Messenger. Revolving around Xander, a 20 year old student whose life is spun upside down when he discovers he is a Wind Warrior, able to control the wind and told he has to help save his race against the Fire Warriors, who are trying to speed up the process of them taking over the world from the Wind Warriors by killing the last of them. The inclusion of the elements Earth, Water, Wind and Fire give Wind Warrior a new spin on  a superhero/paranormal type book, giving the book a fresh feel and making it different to other books in the same genre. In this book we meet pretty much all of the last of the Wind Warriors, and some Fire Warriors, too. I hope that throughout the series there are some characters included from the other elements to really tie all of them together. The first half of the book focused slightly too much on Xander's mundane college life for my liking. When he did discover his superpowers, it would have been nice to focus slightly more on that, instead we jumped into a slightly unrealistic relationship with Sammy, a new girl at College who turns out to be one of Xanders biggest rivals. Although both characters describe the quick 'pull' towards each other, it seemed rather rushed, and needed to slow down a little to make it seem more real. Although the first part of the book seemed slow and drawn out, the second half was much better, leading to some greatly descriptive fight scenes, which with the inclusion of the wind and fire elements were quite fascinating to read, It was interesting to read the different ways the Warriors could use their elements, and rather than just shooting gusts of wind or fireballs out of their hands, Messenger came up with some unique ways to use the elements to create a much more vivid scene. I find it difficult to read a book when I have trouble connecting to the main character, which is what happened in the first three quarters of this book. Although I did find myself warming to Xander towards the end, I preferred other characters, such as Xanders grandfather, his best friend, Sean, and his almost girlfriend, Jessica, and especially the human latter two, I couldn't help but hope they would somehow get some superpowers of their own and join the battle! The last part of this book was when it all really started to pick up and get me hooked into it, and I was a little annoyed when it ended as I just wish it had been that gripping from earlier on, and I really hope the next book in this series jumps straight into it and carries on from this book with a great storyline that keeps me turning the pages. I am looking forward to seeing where the next part takes the story and the characters.


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