Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Eslites: The Arrival

The Eslites, The ArrivalThe Eslites, The Arrival by C.M. Doporto

Book Synopsis

When Miranda, superior donor destined to save the Eslites, learns the human race is in danger along with the donors at Nidus, she decides it’s time for the Eslites to set her and her friends free. Against the odds, she sets out on a quest to convince US government officials that what the Eslites are doing to them is violating the current order in place. Will she succeed or will the Eslites continue to test human females in hopes of producing offspring to save their race?

Shona's review 4 of 5 stars

I had the pleasure of Beta reading this for the author. It was a book I had been looking for to reading since I had read The Eslites. Because this is a Beta read it is possible that some scenes may change, and some scenes may be added or deleted, which makes a review fairly difficult.

When I read The Eslites I said I would have liked the story more if it had been longer, I didn't know then that Doporto had intended to release the book in instalments, now that I have had the chance to read more of Miranda's story with the Eslites I can honestly say this instalment is not enough. I want more because I'm greedy like that. And the next instalment cannot come fast enough.

At just 16 there is no doubt that Miranda is a strong character, she is forced into a situation that many older woman wouldn't be able to cope with and she survives. But at the same time she is a typical teenager, some of her decisions are very childish and sometimes downright stupid.

Doporto's writing draws the reader into her world almost effortlessly to the point that it is easy to ignore the world going on around you. This book in particular was so easy to read that I managed it in one sitting.

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