Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Witch Collector part 2

The Witch Collector Part IIThe Witch Collector Part II by Loretta Nyhan

Book Synopsis

Picking up from The Witch Collector Part I's cliff-hanger ending, this digital original novel plunges Breeda into Chicago's fantastical underworld, a world of deception, betrayal, and madness.

Breeda is just coming into her budding powers as a powerful witch, alone. Her parents remain missing, and she doubts the intentions of her boyfriend, just arrived from Oregon. As the final battle approaches, who can Breeda trust? There is no one to turn to—except the new allies she has found in an infamous coven for disgraced witches in Chicago. Breeda can't deny that she's drawn to Miro, a darkly mysterious witch from the coven, but might he, too, be touched by the dark?

Shona's review 4 of 5 stars

So its been a while since I read the first part of this story (April according to my Goodreads profile) but i thought i still had the story pretty fresh still in my mind. I didn't get why suddenly Droda and Vadim were suddenly so against helping Breeda, they seemed to suddenly take offence to everything she did. I get that they were trying to protect their coven, but it seemed like  the only one who really truly cared was Miro (and Shelly, and even she threw a bitch fit near the end over something that wasn't even Breeda's fault). Maybe I have forgotten something small but vital that would have given me those answers.

This picks up right after part 1 leaves off and we soon get the answers we were looking for. However, it felt rushed. We no sooner found out the Why when the book was over and I don't know, I feel like I was cheated out of a proper confrontation and resolution. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I guess I was hoping for more of a climax. Although its been just a few days for Breeda I felt she had grown in the magical sense, she was finding it easier to control the magic, she was still just as childish and naive as she had been in the first part.

Nyhan's writing style is easy to fall into. It's effortless and comfortable. That coupled with the fact that the book is short (at just 150 pages) make it possible to breeze through this book in an afternoon. I know because that's exactly what i have done.

I have given both parts of The Witch Collector 4 stars, but honestly I think if they had been put together in one book I would have given it 5 stars. Together it would have been great, but separately I felt both parts were lacking.