Sunday, 15 December 2013

Julie Cassar: Christmas For Authors

With all the buzz of the holiday season quickly approaching, not only do I have a lot of shopping and baking ahead of me, but I also have a lot of writing on my plate.

Having just finished the fourth book to my Ruby Blue Series, I keep getting the same questions, "It's not over?!? There has to be more!!?? Can't you write more to their story?!?" This is my official answer.

I knew as soon as I was mid-way through writing Ruby Blue (book 1), that there would be four books in this series. I have also said that Forever Blue (book 4) would wrap up this story arc and answer (hopefully) all of the questions, bringing the story full circle.

NOW...If you've read the books and paid attention...

I said: Book 4 would wrap up THIS story arc... *NOT* that it would be the last Ruby story ever written. Also, you may have noticed that each book in the series ends with, “The End.” I wrote no such words at the end of Forever Blue.

I cannot say when another story may occur, but I can say that I don't think Ruby and Brennan are done telling me what they need to tell me. I have already begun writing a Brennan novella (which may very well end up being a full-length novel) and I hope to release in the summer of 2014.

I also have an extra special Christmas surprise in store for readers. I plan to release an e-book box set of the entire Ruby Blue series, with some added bonus features that will hopefully tickle the Ruby fans out there. What better gift to find under the tree for the reader in your house, than the complete box set stocked with extras? If you haven’t checked out the books, I hope you’ll add them to your TBR list and give them a whirl.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in the kitchen whipping up some cookies for Santa, and sitting at the laptop spinning the next tale to be told. Happy Holidays!

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