Saturday 14 December 2013

K.J Dahlen: Christmas For Authors

There is nothing more exciting for a writer than to actually see his work published in an E-book or print version. Although I prefer an actual print version, I guess I’m old school enough to want to hold my book in my hand and know it’s really real.
One of my latest releases, From Beyond Death, is about the murder of an officer of the law, Elijah Hanover.
His soul stays behind to solve three murders, including his own.
As a ghost Eli can’t do much but he finds a partner, a woman officer who can hear the voices of the dead, to help him in his quest, J. D. Hawkins. J.D. has a partner Jake and the fact she can hear Eli’s voice tends to freak him out, but together they find and solve Eli’s cold cases.

I love finding new ways to pit good against evil and most of the time good wins. From Beyond Death is only one of six I’ve had published this year, the Ebook version came out in July, It came out on my birthday actually, from Solstice Publishing. The print version has just been released. Also in July I had another book come out, Words to Die For, from Rogue Phoenix Press.
Words to Die For is a story about a young woman coming to town to find out what happened to her sister four years ago. What she finds is a diary of a killer. She doesn’t want to let the police think she’s the killer until she finds out if the diary is real. She discovers the burial place is real and she knows everything in the book really happened. Then she meets an FBI agent with an agenda. He’s been after the killer and this is the first good led he’s had. Then they find out the killer might be his own brother.
In August of this year, my book, The Prophet was also rereleased from Secret Cravings. The Prophet is book one in a new trilogy. The other two books, The Covenant and The Brotherhood Reborn will be released early in 2014.
Ripples in Time was next- Ripples, also published by Solstice, tells the tale of a young woman who finds the family secret after her mother passes away. Her mother begged Isabelle to find her father and bring him home. The family secret was her mother came forward in time by a freak storm. Her father found her wandering around the desert, lost and very confused. She had been born in 1865 in Ohio. At sixteen a storm opened a portal and sucks the young girl into the future by over a hundred years.
Isabelle’s father found other portals and began coming and going through time. Then one trip he never came home and for the past fifteen years he had been missing. Isabelle had to find out where he was and bring him home. She also could not change history or the consequences could be disastrous. When she finally finds out what happened to him she has to leave him behind. Another trip brings surprise after surprise.
The next book this year was The Guardian’s Key, from Rogue Phoenix Press. Guardian’s Key is the first of five books and it tells a unique tale of Michael Kane. Michael wakes up one morning a mortal cop but by the end of the day he has been granted very special powers and he now has the responsibility for a key to the first gate of hell. Michael rescues his grandfather from demons and has to battle demons to get his life back and so much more. The next book in the series, The Traveler deals with a time traveler out to protect the time line from being broken and is due out early next year.
I’m hoping for another release this year- A Murder in Her Past, from Second Wind publishing. A young woman, India Carsten, witnessed a murder fifteen years ago. Then her life was changed forever and she forgot it until she read about another such murder in the newspaper. As memories flood back and she remembered more about what she saw, she takes the news to a friend, Briar Rivers. He in turn engages his brothers and they uncover a serial killer who has been killing for a long time.
When the killer comes after lndia, Briar and his brothers move in to protect her and bring the killer to justice. They discover the killer has been following India most of her life and they need to know why.
The thing I find most interesting about being a writer is the fact while the stories I write come alive for me I hope I can bring them alive for my readers. I hope I can take my readers on a journey and bring them home again all from the comfort of their own chairs. I want my readers to look forward to my next book cuz that’s my job…

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