Tuesday, 22 July 2014

ARC review: Alexxxa by DT Dyllin

AlexxxaLove and sex, sex and love… Can you have one without the other? As a world famous porn star, Alexa James thinks she has everything all figured out. But what happens when someone who gets paid to have sex has an existential crisis? Suddenly sex isn’t enough, and love seems out of reach. Will Alexa’s career choice permanently crush her spirit? Or will she discover that real love is about more than just the physical?

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

Once again Dyllin delivers with a book that grabs your attention and refuses to let you up for air. Once I started reading this I couldn't stay away from it, I read this in just a few short hours.

Alexa has a great mix of sexual confidence and personal insecurity that makes her immediately likeable. And David is everything a girl could want without going all macho bullshit on her all the time, but he is capable of stepping up and being that guy when he needs to be or when she needs him to be. Much sexier in my opinion.

And the chemistry between them is off the page.

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