Monday, 27 July 2015

Author of the month Jane Linfoot gets crafty

How to make a Bunting Bookmark 

Anyone who loves reading books, especially paperbacks, will love bookmarks too. 

In my book, The Vintage Cinema Club, the heroine, Izzy, spends a lot of time making bunting. Because bunting figures so largely in the story, I decided it would be lovely to make some bunting bookmarks to celebrate the paperback release. They’re so pretty, I thought you might like to make some too. Here’s how you do it... 
For a bunting bookmark made out of ribbon and fabric, you will need a length of ribbon, 35cm long, and some fabric pieces. My ribbon was 1cm wide, but you can use wider of narrower ribbon too. 

First mark out a triangle template in the corner of a sheet paper. The triangle base should measure 4.2cm, and the height should be 4.7cm. Then cut it out. 

Fold your fabric, press along the fold with an iron, and place the short side of your triangle template on the fabric fold. Then cut out a triangle of double thickness fabric, to make a folded flag. 

Cut out five flags altogether, from different fabrics if you have them. 

Take your 35cm length of ribbon, and fold the flags over it, so the ribbon is sandwiched in the fold of the bunting flags. 

Arrange the flags regularly, starting at the centre of the ribbon, and working outwards. 

Pin the flags into place, and then stitch the flags into place along the ribbon by hand sewing, using small running stitches. (You can sew by machine if you want to do this faster.) 

This makes a lovely bookmark, which would be a fab present too. 

If you don’t have any fabric, or don’t want to sew, you can easily make the flags out of paper instead of fabric. You can use a strip of thin card instead of the ribbon too. With this method, you glue the flags into place, and the bookmark is still very pretty. 

My ribbon came from a three pack of Christmas ribbon I bought from Lidl, but you can find ribbon at Hobbycraft, and The Range, or most sewing shops. My fabric came from Ikea, and I used wrapping paper, but scraps of wallpaper would also work. 

Thanks ladies for letting me come on your blog to share this. Happy crafting everyone :)

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