Friday, 4 November 2016

Book Recommendations

The following recommendations are based on our favourite books from this last month. Books that we have read and would recommend.

Shona's recommendation
Dear Charlie by N.D Gomes
Shona recommends Dear Charlie. If I had to sum up this book with one word I could do it without even thinking. Heartbreaking. This tale is utterly heartbreaking and so beautifully written.

Claire's recommendation
Preppy by T.M Frazier
Claire recommends Preppy as this book is beyond HOT! Preppy and Dre are HOT, and this book was everything and more that you could have wanted from Preppy's story.

Lisa's recommendation
One Christmas In Paris by Mandy Baggot
Lisa recommends One Christmas In Paris as she Loved it, a real page turner that had me hooked from page one!

Ikira's recommendation
Whispers From The East by Katie Fox And Eleanor Lloyd-Jones
Ikira recommends Whispers From The East as it is amazingly written collaboration between the two authors. A thoroughly enjoyable and captivating story of two lost souls, searching for themselves in the wake of less than perfect lives.

Clare's recommendation
Southern Spirits by Angie Fox
Clare recommends Southern Spirits.This is a story about a sassy southern belle who accidentally adopts a ghost. It's funny, charming and full of mystery and suspense and the story line kept me gripped all the way through!

Kerry's recommendation
Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan
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Kerry recommends Anti Stepbrother as it is a hot read with plenty of laughs thrown in. Tijan sure knows how to write an alpha male! I couldn't put this book down and read it in a single day.

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