Thursday, 3 November 2016

Review: Before I Let You In by Jenny Blackhurst

Before I Let You In
The brand new novel from Jenny Blackhurst, the acclaimed author of the #1 Kindle bestseller HOW I LOST YOU, which Clare Mackintosh called 'utterly gripping'.

If you don't know who is walking through the door, how do you know if you should let them in?

Karen is meant to be the one who fixes problems.

It's her job, as a psychiatrist - and it's always been her role as a friend.

But Jessica is different. She should be the patient, the one that Karen helps.

But she knows things about Karen. Her friends, her personal life. Things no patient should know.

And Karen is starting to wonder if she should have let her in . . .

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

This is the first time I have read anything by Jenny Blackhurst so I really had no idea what to expect with Before I let You In, what I got was a tale so utterly gripping that I devoured the entire thing in a day, and I'm now on a mission to read How I Lost You.

The story unfolds from various POVs, some of whom are unreliable narrators. So we don't always know who we can trust, or what we can trust to be true. As the story progressed I became convinced that I knew exactly what was going on and who was responsible, but the more I read the more I realised I was wrong about certain aspects and then I started to doubt myself with others. Which meant I was glued to the pages determined to find out what happened and second guessing everyone along the way. 

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