Friday, 7 April 2017

Review: The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse

The Idea of You
With her fortieth birthday approaching, Lucy Carpenter thinks she finally has it all: a wonderful new husband, Jonah, a successful career and the chance of a precious baby of her own. Life couldn’t be more perfect.

But becoming parents proves much harder to achieve than Lucy and Jonah imagined, and when Jonah’s teenage daughter Camille comes to stay with them, she becomes a constant reminder of what Lucy doesn’t have. Jonah’s love and support are unquestioning, but Lucy’s struggles with work and her own failing dreams begin to take their toll. With Camille’s presence straining the bonds of Lucy’s marriage even further, Lucy suddenly feels herself close to losing everything…

This heart-wrenchingly poignant family drama from bestselling author Amanda Prowse asks the question: in today’s hectic world, what does it mean to be a mother?

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

This is the first time I have read anything written by Prowse but I have heard nothing but good things about her work so when I was offered the chance to read this one I jumped at the chance, I don't think I even read the blurb so I had no idea what to expect of the story.  

Right from the beginning I was hooked by the beautiful writing and Lucy's voice and I was swept away in Lucy and Jonahs story, so much so that I devoured this book in one day.

This book is filled with emotion, from the love that Lucy and Jonah share, the joy they experience at the news of Lucy's pregnancy and then the sadness and heartache when she miscarries, and all the emotions in between. And to add to the mix they have the Camille's presence throughout without letting her know what was going on so relationships are strained. But ultimately this is the tale of family, and this tale will bring you to tears, of sadness of happiness, of bittersweet moments of joy. And if you have been lucky enough to not find yourself in Lucy's heartbreaking situation it will leave you with a better understanding of those who have.

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