Monday, 10 April 2017

Review: Somniare by DT Dyllin

Somniare (Somniare #1)Remy Novem was murdered…
But she didn’t die.

Forced to escape to Somniare, a dream landscape, Remy must somehow survive living nightmares, and endless torment without using her magic. Her only hope for freedom is to hitch a ride with a human back into reality, tricking the poor creature into believing no harm will befall them.
Remy isn’t troubled by the fact that she must kill to live…
Until love changes everything.

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

The start was great, it pulls you straight in to the story and the pace doesn't really let up. It seems like a non stop ride on the ghost train, never knowing what's going to jump out at you or when. Since Remy is stuck in the 'dream word' that's very fitting.

I wasn't sure if I liked Remy to begin with, she was too busy trying to fight or flee and I felt we didn't get a chance to really know her until later in the book. But then she meets someone, and suddenly her focus wasn't just on herself. It was at that point I felt she really started to grow on me, helped further by the return of her memories.

The fact that I have been struggling to stay awake during the days or stay focused on a book recently, yet managed to devour this in one day should speak volumes. I loved it, and I love that its to be continued..

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