Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Existence Review

Existence (Lynnie Russell Trilogy, #2)Existence by R.M. Gilmore

Lynnie has become something the world has never seen, something she fears, something wild and as natural as death itself.

Searching for answers to what she is, Lynnie heads to the only woman she hopes will never lie to her. Finally content with what she has become, her instincts take over and she finds herself trapped in a situation that could not only expose her true nature, but turn deadly for the people she loves.

Her becoming was only the beginning of the story. This...this is where the action begins.

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

The 2nd Installment in the Lynnie Russell Trilogy, sees Lynnie coming to terms with her fate, and what she is, as well as finding out a lot more about the history and how she was destined to become Cu Sidhe.

This may just be a novella, but so many emotions are squeezed into it that you find yourself crying in several places! This is a fantastic follow on from Becoming, and I cannot wait to see what RM Gilmore has in store for Lynnie next!

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